Friday 1 June 2012

So I lost all the images on this blog when I swapped google accounts, which proved to be a relief really because this thing was just sitting here unupdated, reminding me of how good I am at starting things, only to let them gather dust mites. But soon I'm going to be a daddy, so I have to start looking after my things better.

SO, with this blog now empty of images I can revel in it's potential, and the knowledge that I will soon fill it with choiceness, and not dust.

I've left the very first post below to give me an excuse to use crossed-through text, because it looks productive. I'll update this blog as often as I complete something I don't dislike.

"Without mistakes their is no world but that which was formed in the tepid furnace of mediocrity" 
-Mediocrates, 12th century nobody.

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