Friday 16 May 2014


...But not a man, so perhaps Batbat is a better name. Anyway, his real name is Mystacina Robusta, or the New Zealand Greater Short-Tailed Bat. They're extinct, we believe, so I had to base him/her on verbal accounts and one unclear photo. Done for Forest & Bird, for their Wild Things Kid's Conservation Club magazine.

and a spot-the-difference version...

Tuesday 27 August 2013

If nautical nonsense in space is your wish...

Speed painting of some spacey business. I think there might be giant seaweeds growing upside down in that big ship, and the little ones are transporting marine life down to an ocean planet. You can click it for a closer peek, but it's mostly just scribbles.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

I have a new exhibition coming up at dittybox, along with Jon-Paul Smith of
RSI (Robo-Squid Inc.) presents etc etc.
Click it to enlarge and see the where/when/who...

Friday 12 April 2013


A few more illustrations done for Essential Resources
This one was for a Creative Writing book...
Something about Phonics. Looking at it now, this one's a somewhat unintentional tribute to Dogstar, a tv show I did production design on for 26 episodes. Apologies to Scott Vanden Bosch. I guess it was still in my system...
And a company Boston Terrier...

Sketchy posters

Some posters for Dr Sketchy Wellington. If you haven't been to a Dr Sketchy event, find out if there's one in your city and go. More on Dr Sketchy International here.

Monday 3 September 2012

some acrylic doodling.

Been a while. Here's an egg in a puffy jacket.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Something for something

I can't recall what this was for, but I just came across it doing some file house-cleaning. 

Thursday 7 June 2012

Ye Olde Gouache

Some gouache paintings done for North and South magazine, back around 2008. And a quick fish painting done for no reason that I can recall. You can click 'em all for a closer look.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Sandy flies

One for Learning Media. The gap is for the text, which was a ditty about the "Sandfly Dance".

More kids looking smart, and the neighbours.

More Essential Resources illos. As always you can click 'em for a closer looksee.

Kids trying to look smart

A Couple of things for Essential Resources. Had fun with the tractor bits. My mechanical knowledge education came mostly from Back To The Future and Dinoriders, so when it comes to drawing machinery I find it's best just to add lots of crap, and crap coming out of crap. If you have enough moving parts, some of it's bound to do something. 

Friday 1 June 2012

So I lost all the images on this blog when I swapped google accounts, which proved to be a relief really because this thing was just sitting here unupdated, reminding me of how good I am at starting things, only to let them gather dust mites. But soon I'm going to be a daddy, so I have to start looking after my things better.

SO, with this blog now empty of images I can revel in it's potential, and the knowledge that I will soon fill it with choiceness, and not dust.

I've left the very first post below to give me an excuse to use crossed-through text, because it looks productive. I'll update this blog as often as I complete something I don't dislike.

"Without mistakes their is no world but that which was formed in the tepid furnace of mediocrity" 
-Mediocrates, 12th century nobody.

Monday 7 April 2008

On the first day...

1 In the beginning I created the blog.
2 Now the blog was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the blog, and the spirit of eye poo was hovering over the darkness.
3 And I said, "Let there be a doodle," and there was a doodle. 
4 I looked upon my creation and saw that it was crap, and I said "the doodle is crap", and it was so.
Anyway, eye poo is the stuff you find in the corner of your eyes in the morning. Not everyone has it every day, some have more than most, but I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of it's existence. 
Every morning (that means weekdays, as mornings often don't exist in the weekends), from this day forth, I will spend one hour doodling nonsense before starting any real work. I won't check the post, make breakfast, wash my pits, or wipe the poo from my eyes until that one hour of spontaneous doodling is over. I'll post the results here no matter how rubbish they may be (case in point below). One page per day, not related to anything I'm working on, and made over one hour only. 
I often find myself dawdling (Dawdle: To waste time by idling: dawdling the hours away) in the mornings. I check and recheck my mail, read on the loo for too long, daydream, sleep in, and worst of all... spend hours looking at the galleries and blogs of other, more productive, illustrators. So this is an attempt to kick start my day. Anyway, I'm procrastinating again, here's todays abysmal entry...